200+ Tea Quotes to Celebrate the best Tea in the World

Tea Quotes from Thich Nhat Hanh

Tea Quotes from Thich Nhat Hanh
Tea Quotes from Thich Nhat Hanh
  1. Tea is an act complete in its simplicity.” – Thich Nhat Hanh.
  2. Looking deeply into your tea, you see that you are drinking fragrant plants that are the gift of Mother Earth. You see the labor of the tea pickers; you see the luscious tea fields and plantations in Sri Lanka, China, and Vietnam. You know that you are drinking a cloud; you are drinking the rain. The tea contains the whole universe.”  – Thich Nhat Hanh
  3. “Wherever you are drinking your tea, whether at work, in a cafe, or at home, it is wonderful to allow enough time to appreciate it.” – Thich Nhat Hanh
  4. “Tea is an act complete in its simplicity. When I drink tea, there is only me and the tea. The rest of the world dissolves. There are no worries about the future. No dwelling on past mistakes. Tea is simple: loose-leaf tea, hot pure water, a cup. I inhale the scent, tiny delicate pieces of the tea floating above the cup. I drink the tea, the essence of the leaves becoming a part of me. I am informed by the tea, changed. This is the act of life, in one pure moment, and in this act the truth of the world suddenly becomes revealed: all the complexity, pain, drama of life is a pretense, invented in our minds for no good purpose. There is only the tea, and me, converging.” – Thich Nhat Hanh
  5. “You must be completely awake in the present to enjoy the tea.

Only in the awareness of the present, can your hands feel the pleasant warmth of the cup.

Only in the present, can you savor the aroma, taste the sweetness, appreciate the delicacy.

If you are ruminating about the past, or worrying about the future, you will completely miss the experience of enjoying the cup of tea.

You will look down at the cup, and the tea will be gone.

Life is like that.

If you are not fully present, you will look around and it will be gone.

You will have missed the feel, the aroma, the delicacy and beauty of life.

It will seem to be speeding past you. The past is finished.

Learn from it and let it go.

The future is not even here yet. Plan for it, but do not waste your time worrying about it.

Worrying is worthless.

When you stop ruminating about what has already happened, when you stop worrying about what might never happen, then you will be in the present moment.

Then you will begin to experience joy in life.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh

  1. “Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it as the axis on which the world revolves” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Tea Quotes from The Book of Tea

  1. “Tea began as a medicine and grew into a beverage.”
  2. “In the tea ceremony, one learns the art of concealing what ought to be concealed and revealing what should be revealed.”
  3. “Teaism is a cult founded on the adoration of the beautiful among the sordid facts of everyday existence.”
  4. “Tea tempers the spirit and harmonizes the mind; dispels lassitude and relieves fatigue, awakens thought and prevents drowsiness.”
  5. “Tea is a work of art and needs a master hand to bring out its noblest qualities.” 
  6. “The heaven of modern humanity is indeed shattered in the Cyclopean struggle for wealth and power. The world is groping in the shadow of egotism and vulgarity. Knowledge is bought through a bad conscience, benevolence practiced for the sake of utility.”
  7. “The simplicity and directness of the tea-room and its ritual cleanse the mind of all extraneous influences and allow us to focus on the task at hand.” 
  8. “Tea is the elixir of life. It is not merely a beverage, but a philosophy.”
  9. “Tea is a religion of the art of life.”
  10. “Tea is a beverage that ennobles the soul and quickens the mind.”

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Other Authors

  1. “The path to Heaven passes through a teapot.” – Ancient proverb
  2. “A cup of tea is an excuse to share great thoughts with great minds.” – Cristina Re
  3. “There’s something hypnotic about the word tea.” – Dorothy L. Sayers, Gaudy Night
  4. “While there is tea, there is hope.” – Arthur Wing Pinero, Sweet Lavender – A Comedy in Three Acts.
  5. “When she is unable to avoid the matter further, she makes a pot of tea.”

― Erin Morgenstern, The Night Circus

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The Night Circus, a book by Erin Morgenstern has many references about tea. A great book for relaxed reading and sipping.

  1. “I must drink lots of tea or I cannot work. Tea unleashes the potential which slumbers in the depth of my soul.” – Leo Tolstoy
  2. “Home is where the tea is.” – Js Devivre, The Tea Traveller’s Constant Companion: Oregon
  3. “Better to be deprived of food for three days, than tea for one.” Ancient Chinese proverb
  4. “There’s always time for tea.” – Seanan McGuire, An Artificial Night
  5. “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” – C. S. Lewis
  6. “When I drink tea I am conscious of peace. The cool breath of heaven rises in my sleeves, and blows my cares away.” – Lo Tung
  7. “If a man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty. “ – Japanese proverb
  8. “A cup of tea would restore my normality.” – Douglas Adams
  9. “There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.” – Henry James
  10. “Tea! Bless ordinary everyday afternoon tea!” – Agatha Christie
  11. “Tea is always a good idea.” – Author unknown
  12. “Life is like a cup of tea. It’s all in how you make it.” – Unknown
  13. “Tea to the English is really a picnic indoors.” – Alice Walker, The Color Purple
  14. “Thank God for tea! What would the world do without tea! How did it exist? I am glad I was not born before tea.” – Sydney Smith, A memoir of the Rev. Sydney Smith
  15. “I got nasty habits – I take tea at three.” – Mick Jagger
  16. “Afternoon tea should be provided, fresh supplies, with thin bread-and-butter, fancy pastries, cakes, etc., being brought in as other guests arrive.” – Isabella Beeton, Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management

Afternoon tea is an English custom that started in the 19th century by the Duchess of Bedford. Lighter food and tea were served before lunch and dinner and soon became an important part of social life. The usual time for the afternoon tea is considered being 4 PM.

  1. “Making tea is a ritual that stops the world from falling in on you.” – Jonathan Stroud, The Creeping Shadow
  2. “Ecstasy is a glass full of tea and a piece of sugar in the mouth.” – Alexander Pushkin

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In Russian tea tradition, sugar is not placed in a cup of tea. It’s held between teeth while sipping tea.

  1. “Great love affairs start with Champagne and end with tisane” – Honore de Balzac
  2. “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy tea and that’s kind of the same thing.” – Author unknown
  3. “Sir, I did not count your glasses of wine, why should you number up my cups of tea?” – Samuel Johnson, The Life of Samuel Johnson
  4. “Tea is an answer to most of the problems.” – Author unknown
  5. “My dear if you could give me a cup of tea to clear my muddle of a head I should better understand your affairs.” – Charles Dickens, Mrs. Lirriper’s Legacy
  6. “Tea is the elixir of life.” – Author unknown
  7. “Some people will tell you there is a great deal of poetry and fine sentiment in a chest of tea.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
  8. “Surely a pretty woman never looks prettier than when making tea.” – Mary Elizabeth Braddon, Lady Audley’s Secret
  9. “This morning’s tea makes yesterday distant.” – Author unknown
  10. “You’ll never find a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” – Winston Churchill
  11. “Tea should be taken in solitude.” – C. S. Lewis, Surprised by Joy: The Shape of My Early Life
  12. “A cup of tea makes everything better.” – Author unknown
  13. “Tea is a cup of life.” – Author unknown
  14. “There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a cup of tea.” – Bernard-Paul Heroux
  15. “Wouldn’t it be dreadful to live in a country where they didn’t have tea?” – Noel Coward
  16. “Tea is to the body as music is to the soul.” – Earlene Grey
  17. “Tea is a hug in a cup.” – Author unknown
  18. “Where there’s tea, there’s hope.” – Arthur Wing Pinero
  19. “Tea is the beverage of civilization.” – David Yeadon
  20. “Tea is always a good idea.” – Author unknown
  21. “Tea is a cup of serenity.” – Author unknown
  22. “Tea is the magic key to the vault where my brain is kept.” – Frances Hardinge
  23. “Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things.” – Chaim Potok
  24. “Tea is the beverage of conversation.” – James Norwood Pratt
  25. “If you are cold, tea will warm you;

if you are too heated, it will cool you;

If you are depressed, it will cheer you;

If you are excited, it will calm you.” – William Ewart Gladstone

  1. “Tea is liquid wisdom.” – Author unknown
  2. “Tea is a cup of forgetfulness.” – Author unknown
  3. “Tea is a symbol of sharing.” – Matt Cha
  4. “Tea is a beverage that puts the spirit in harmony with one’s surroundings.” – Urasenke Tea School
  5. “Tea is the ultimate mental and medical remedy and has the ability to make one’s life more full and complete.” – Myoan Eisai
  6. “Tea is a cup of tranquility.” – Author unknown
  7. “Tea is the taste of pure love.” – Yoko Ono
  8. “Tea is the nectar of life.” – Author unknown
  9. “A cup of tea is an excuse to share great thoughts with great minds.” – Author unknown
  10. “The very act of preparing and serving tea encourages conversation. The little spaces in time created by teatime rituals call out to be filled with conversation.” – Emilie Barnes
  11. “Tea is a cup of hospitality.” – Author unknown
  12. “Tea is the miracle drug of the world.” – Merriam-Webster’s Encyclopedia of Literature
  13. “Tea is one of the main stays of civilization in this country.” – George Orwell, Smothered Under Journalism: 1946
  14. “Tea is a way of life.” – Author unknown
  15. “Tea is the liquid embodiment of the Tao.” – John Blofeld
  16. “A cup of tea is a cup of peace.” – Author unknown
  17. “Tea is the elixir of life that rejuvenates the soul.” – Shilpi Choudhury
  18. “Tea is a cup of warmth.” – Author unknown
  19. “Tea is the cup that cheers.” – William Cowper
  20. “Tea is a cup of comfort.” – Author unknown
  21. “Tea is the only simple pleasure left to us.” – Oscar Wilde
  22. “Tea is the perfect drink for a perfect day.” – Author unknown
  23. “Tea is the perfect drink for a perfect day.” – Author unknown
  24. “Tea is the answer to everything.” – Author unknown
  25. “I am in no way interested in immortality, but only in the taste of tea.” – Lu T’ung
  26. “Tea is the escape from the mundane.” – Author unknown
  27. “Tea is the fountain of youth.” – Author unknown
  28. “Tea is the best thing for the soul.” – Author unknown
  29. “Tea is the beverage of the wise.” – Author unknown
  30. “Tea is a journey in a cup.” – Author unknow

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  1. “Tea is the balm that heals the soul.” – Author unknown
  2. “Tea is the universal beverage that brings people together.” – Author unknown
  3. “Tea is a cup of rejuvenation.” – Author unknown
  4. “Tea is the embodiment of the idea that good things come in small packages.” – Author unknown
  5. “Tea is a cup of happiness.” – Author unknown
  6. “Tea is the nectar of the gods.” – Author unknown
  7. “Tea is the cup that nourishes the soul.” – Author unknown
  8. “Tea is the inspiration for the creative mind.” – Author unknown
  9. “Tea is a cup of inspiration.” – Author unknown
  10. “Tea is the beverage of choice for the cultured and refined.” – Author unknown
  11. “Tea is the perfect excuse to take a break and relax.” – Author unknown
  12. “Tea is the perfect accompaniment to a good book.” – Author unknown
  13. “Tea is a cup of rejuvenation for the body and soul.” – Author unknown
  14. “Tea is the bridge that connects people and cultures.” – Author unknown
  15. “Tea is the elixir of life that enriches the spirit.” – Author unknown
  16. “Tea is the remedy for all that ails you.” – Author unknown
  17. “Tea is the beverage that brings people together.” – Author unknown
  18. “Tea is the elixir of love.” – Author unknown
  19. “Tea is the perfect gift for any occasion.” – Author unknown
  20. “Tea is the perfect way to start the day.” – Author unknown
  21. “Tea is the balm that soothes the soul.” – Author unknown
  22. “Tea is the essence of tranquility.” – Author unknown
  23. “Tea is the elixir of happiness.” – Author unknown
  24. “Tea is the perfect way to unwind after a long day.” – Author unknown
  25. “Tea is the key to the heart and the soul.” – Author unknown
  26. “Tea is the elixir of rejuvenation.” – Author unknown
  27. “Tea is the beverage of friendship.” – Author unknown
  28. “Tea is the perfect way to connect with nature.” – Author unknown

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  1. “Tea is the perfect way to relax and recharge.” – Author unknown
  2. “Tea is the ultimate comfort food.” – Author unknown
  3. “Tea is the cup that lifts the spirit.” – Author unknown
  4. “Tea is the embodiment of harmony.” – Author unknown
  5. “Tea is the perfect way to celebrate life’s simple pleasures.” – Author unknown
  6. “Tea is the perfect way to savor the moment.” – Author unknown
  7. “Tea is the perfect accompaniment to a lazy afternoon.” – Author unknown
  8. “Tea is the elixir of clarity and focus.” – Author unknown
  9. “Tea is the perfect way to awaken the senses.” – Author unknown
  10. “Tea is the beverage that brings peace to the mind and body.” – Author unknown
  11. “Tea is the embodiment of mindfulness.” – Author unknown
  12. “Tea is the perfect way to start a conversation.” – Author unknown
  13. “Tea is the perfect way to honor tradition and culture.” – Author unknown
  14. “Tea is the perfect way to celebrate the present moment.” – Author unknown
  15. “Tea is the beverage of contemplation.” – Author unknown
  16. “Tea is the perfect way to express gratitude.” – Author unknown
  17. “Tea is the ultimate gesture of hospitality.” – Author unknown
  18. “Tea is the perfect way to appreciate the beauty of life.” – Author unknown
  19. “Tea is the ultimate relaxation therapy.” – Author unknown
  20. “Tea is the elixir of inspiration for the creative soul.” – Author unknown
  21. “Tea is the ultimate way to unwind and let go.” – Author unknown
  22. “Tea is the perfect way to connect with oneself and others.” – Author unknown
  23. “Tea is the perfect way to honor and remember loved ones.” – Author unknown
  24. “Tea is the perfect way to celebrate life’s milestones.” – Author unknown
  25. “Tea is the perfect way to honor and cherish memories.” – Author unknown
  26. “Tea is the ultimate symbol of hope and renewal.” – Author unknown
  27. “My hour for tea is half-past five, and my buttered toast waits for nobody.” – Wilkie Collins, The Woman in White
  28. “Tea, though ridiculed by those who are naturally coarse in their nervous sensibilities, will always be the favorite beverage of the intellectual.” – Thomas de Quincey
  29. “I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea.” – Fyodor Dostoevsky, Notes from Underground
  30. “Rainy days should be spent at home with a cup of tea and a good book.” – Bill Watterson, The Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book
  31. “Tea tempers the spirit, harmonizes the mind, dispels lassitude and relieves fatigue, awakens the thought and prevents drowsiness.” – Lu Yu, The Classic Art of Tea

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Lu Yu was a Chinese tea master that wrote many important first books about tea. His most famous and important work in the world of tea is The Classic of Tea.

  1. “Tea tempers the spirit, harmonizes the mind, dispels lassitude and relieves fatigue, awakens the thought and prevents drowsiness.” – Lu Yu, The Classic Art of Tea
  2. “The effect of tea is cooling and as a beverage it is most suitable. It is especially fitting for persons of self-restraint and inner worth.” – Lu Yu, Classic of Tea: Origins and Rituals
  3. “Yes, that’s it! Said the Hatter with a sigh, it’s always tea time.” – Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland
  4. “I don’t want tea,” said Clary, with muffled force. “I want to find my mother. And then I want to find out who took her in the first place, and I want to kill them.”

“Unfortunately,” said Hodge, “we’re all out of bitter revenge at the moment, so it’s either tea or nothing.”

― Cassandra Clare, City of Bones

  1. “I shouldn’t think even millionaires could eat anything nicer than new bread and real butter and honey for tea.”

― Dodie Smith, I Capture the Castle

  1. “Take some more tea,” the March Hare said to Alice, very earnestly.

“I’ve had nothing yet,” Alice replied in an offended tone, “so I can’t take more.”

“You mean you can’t take less,” said the Hatter: “it’s very easy to take more than nothing.”

“Nobody asked your opinion,” said Alice.”

― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

  1. “In Ireland, you go to someone’s house, and she asks you if you want a cup of tea. You say no, thank you, you’re really just fine. She asks if you’re sure. You say of course you’re sure, really, you don’t need a thing. Except they pronounce it ting. You don’t need a ting. Well, she says then, I was going to get myself some anyway, so it would be no trouble. Ah, you say, well, if you were going to get yourself some, I wouldn’t mind a spot of tea, at that, so long as it’s no trouble and I can give you a hand in the kitchen. Then you go through the whole thing all over again until you both end up in the kitchen drinking tea and chatting.

In America, someone asks you if you want a cup of tea, you say no, and then you don’t get any damned tea.

I liked the Irish way better.”

― C.E. Murphy, Urban Shaman

  1. “Writing is a job, a talent, but it’s also the place to go in your head. It is the imaginary friend you drink your tea with in the afternoon.”

― Ann Patchett, Truth & Beauty

  1. “Honestly, if you’re given the choice between Armageddon or tea, you don’t say ‘what kind of tea?”

― Neil Gaiman

  1. “When tea becomes ritual, it takes its place at the heart of our ability to see greatness in small things. Where is beauty to be found? In great things that, like everything else, are doomed to die, or in small things that aspire to nothing, yet know how to set a jewel of infinity in a single moment?”

― Muriel Barbery, The Elegance of the Hedgehog

  1. “Arthur blinked at the screens and felt he was missing something important. Suddenly he realized what it was.

“Is there any tea on this spaceship?” he asked.”

― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

  1. “Dad was at his desk when I opened the door, doing what all British people do when they’re freaked out: drinking tea.”

― Rachel Hawkins, Demonglass

  1. “The bodies in my floor all trusted someone. Now I walk on them to tea.”

― Victoria Schwab, A Darker Shade of Magic

  1. “As far as her mom was concerned, tea fixed everything. Have a cold? Have some tea. Broken bones? There’s a tea for that too. Somewhere in her mother’s pantry, Laurel suspected, was a box of tea that said, ‘In case of Armageddon, steep three to five minutes’.”

― Aprilynne Pike, Illusions

  1. “There are those who love to get dirty and fix things. They drink coffee at dawn, beer after work. And those who stay clean, just appreciate things. At breakfast they have milk and juice at night. There are those who do both, they drink tea.”

― Gary Snyder

  1. “There is something in the nature of tea that leads us into a world of quiet contemplation of life.”

― Lin Yutang, The Importance of Living

  1. “What kind of tea do you want?”

“There´s more than one kind of tea?…What do you have?”

“Let´s see… Blueberry, Raspberry, Ginseng, Sleepytime, Green Tea, Green Tea with Lemon, Green Tea with Lemon and Honey, Liver Disaster, Ginger with Honey, Ginger Without Honey, Vanilla Almond, White Truffle Coconut, Chamomile, Blueberry Chamomile, Decaf Vanilla Walnut, Constant Comment and Earl Grey.”

-“I.. Uh…What are you having?… Did you make some of those up?”

― Bryan Lee O’Malley, Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life

  1. “Surely everyone is aware of the divine pleasures which attend a wintry fireside; candles at four o’clock, warm hearthrugs, tea, a fair tea-maker, shutters closed, curtains flowing in ample draperies to the floor, whilst the wind and rain are raging audibly without.”

― Thomas De Quincey, Confessions of an English Opium Eater

  1. “But indeed I would rather have nothing but tea.”

― Jane Austen, Mansfield Park

  1. “If leeches ate peaches instead of my blood, then I would be free to drink tea in the mud!”

― Emilie Autumn, The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls

  1. “Okay, this is the wisdom. First, time spent on reconnaissanse is never wasted. Second, almost anything can be improved with the addition of bacon. And finally, there is no problem on Earth that can’t be ameliorated by a hot bath and a cup of tea.”

― Jasper Fforde, Shades of Grey

  1. “Who would then deny that when I am sipping tea in my tearoom I am swallowing the whole universe with it and that this very moment of my lifting the bowl to my lips is eternity itself transcending time and space?”

― Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki, Zen and Japanese Culture

  1. “You may be the only guy my age I’ve ever met who knows what bergamot is, much less

that it’s in Earl Grey


“Yes, well,” Jace said, with a supercilious look, “I’m not like other guys. Besides,” he

added, flipping a book

off the shelf, “at the Institute we have to take classes in basic medicinal uses for plants. It’s


“I figured all your classes were stuff like Slaughter 101 and Beheading for Beginners.”

Jace flipped a page. “Very funny, Fray.”

― Cassandra Clare, City of Bones

  1. “After a fairly shaky start to the day, Arthur’s mind was beginning to reassemble itself from the shell-shocked fragments the previous day had left him with.

He had found a Nutri-Matic machine which had provided him with a plastic cup filled with a liquid that was almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea.

The way it functioned was very interesting. When the Drink button was pressed it made an instant but highly detailed examination of the subject’s taste buds, a spectroscopic analysis of the subject’s metabolism and then sent tiny experimental signals down the neural pathways to the taste centers of the subject’s brain to see what was likely to go down well. However, no one knew quite why it did this because it invariably delivered a cupful of liquid that was almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea.”

― Douglas Adams

  1. “The seasonal urge is strong in poets. Milton wrote chiefly in winter. Keats looked for spring to wake him up (as it did in the miraculous months of April and May, 1819). Burns chose autumn. Longfellow liked the month of September. Shelley flourished in the hot months. Some poets, like Wordsworth, have gone outdoors to work. Others, like Auden, keep to the curtained room. Schiller needed the smell of rotten apples about him to make a poem. Tennyson and Walter de la Mare had to smoke. Auden drinks lots of tea, Spender coffee; Hart Crane drank alcohol. Pope, Byron, and William Morris were creative late at night. And so it goes.”

― Helen Bevington, When Found, Make a Verse of

  1. “The morning cup of coffee has an exhilaration about it which the cheering influence of the afternoon or evening cup of tea cannot be expected to reproduce.”

― Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

  1. “The proper, wise balancing of one’s whole life may depend upon the feasibility of a cup of tea at an unusual hour.”

― Arnold Bennett, How to Live on 24 Hours a Day

  1. “She raised her hand to cut me off. “I am aware of your epistolary flirtation. Which is all well and good–as long as it’s well and good. Before I ask you some questions, perhaps you would like some tea?”

“That would depend on what kind of tea you were offering.”

“So diffident! Suppose it was Earl Grey.”

I shook my head. “Tastes like pencil shavings.”

“Lady Grey.”

“I don’t drink beverages named after beheaded monarchs. It seems so tacky.”


“Might as well sip butterfly wings.”

“Green tea?”

“You can’t be serious.”

The old woman nodded her approval. “I wasn’t.”

“Because you know when a cow chews grass? And he or she chews and chews and chews? Well, green tea tastes like French-kissing that cow after it’s done chewing all that grass.”

“Would you like some mint tea?”

“Only under duress.”

“English breakfast.”

I clapped my hands. “Now you’re talking!”

― David Levithan, Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares

  1. “The Chinese say it’s better to be deprived of food for three days than tea for one.”

― Khaled Hosseini, A Thousand Splendid Suns

  1. “Find yourself a cup of tea,

the teapot is behind you.

Now tell me about

hundreds of things.”

― Saki, The Complete Saki

  1. “Those dripping crumpets, I can see them now. Tiny crisp wedges of toast, and piping-hot, flaky scones. Sandwiches of unknown nature, mysteriously flavoured and quite delectable, and that very special gingerbread. Angel cake, that melted in the mouth, and his rather stodgier companion, bursting with peel and raisins. There was enough food there to keep a starving family for a week.”

― Daphne du Maurier, Rebecca

  1. “Milk?” Lady Bridgerton asked.

“Thank you,” Gareth replied. “No sugar, if you please.”

“Hyacinth takes hers with three,” Gregory said, reaching for a piece of shortbread.

“Why,” Hyacinth ground out, “would he care?”

“Well,” Gregory replied, taking a bite and chewing, “he is your special friend.”

― Julia Quinn, It’s in His Kiss

  1. “We had a kettle; we let it leak:

Our not repairing made it worse.

We haven’t had any tea for a week…

The bottom is out of the Universe.”

― Rudyard Kipling, The Collected Poems of Rudyard Kipling

  1. “I still encourage anyone who feels at all compelled to write to do so. I just try to warn people who hope to get published that publication is not all it is cracked up to be. But writing is. Writing has so much to give, so much to teach, so many surprises. That thing you had to force yourself to do—the actual act of writing—turns out to be the best part. It’s like discovering that while you thought you needed the tea ceremony for the caffeine, what you really needed was the tea ceremony. The act of writing turns out to be its own reward.”

― Anne Lamott

  1. “A commission of haberdashers could alone have reported what

the rest of her poor dress was made of, but it had a strong general

resemblance to seaweed, with here and there a gigantic tea-leaf.

Her shawl looked particularly like a tea-leaf after long infusion.”

― Charles Dickens, Little Dorrit

  1. “I thought Mr. Millward never would cease telling us that he was no tea-drinker, and that it was highly injurious to keep loading the stomach with slops to the exclusion of more wholesome sustenance, and so give himself time to finish his fourth cup.”

― Anne Brontë, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

  1. “The order never varies. Two slices of bread-and-butter each, and China tea. What a hide-bound couple we must seem, clinging to custom because we did so in England. Here, on this clean balcony, white and impersonal with centuries of sun, I think of half-past-four at Manderley, and the table drawn before the library fire. The door flung open, punctual to the minute, and the performance, never-varying, of the laying of the tea, the silver tray, the kettle, the snowy cloth.”

― Daphne du Maurier, Rebecca

  1. “While her lips talked culture, her heart was planning to invite him to tea”

― E.M. Forster, Howards End

  1. “With melted snow I boil fragrant tea.”

― Mencius, Mencius

  1. “Nowadays, people resort to all kinds of activities in order to calm themselves after a stressful event: performing yoga poses in a sauna, leaping off bridges while tied to a bungee, killing imaginary zombies with imaginary weapons, and so forth. But in Miss Penelope Lumley’s day, it was universally understood that there is nothing like a nice cup of tea to settle one’s nerves in the aftermath of an adventure- a practice many would find well worth reviving.”

― Maryrose Wood, The Hidden Gallery

  1. “The spirit of the tea beverage is one of peace, comfort and refinement.”

” ― Arthur Gray, Little Tea Book

  1. “When the tea is brought at five o’clock

And all the neat curtains are drawn with care,

The little black cat with bright green eyes

Is suddenly purring there.”

― Harold Monro, Collected poems;

  1. “Come oh come ye tea-thirsty restless ones — the kettle boils, bubbles and sings, musically.”

― Rabindranath Tagore, Collected Poems and Plays of Rabindranath Tagore

  1. For me starting the day without a pot of tea would be a day forever out of kilter.”

― Bill Drummond, $20,000

  1. “Christopher Robin was home by this time, because it was the afternoon, and he was so glad to see them that they stayed there until very nearly tea-time, and then they had a Very Nearly tea, which is one you forget about afterwards, and hurried on to Pooh Corner, so as to see Eeyore before it was too late to have a Proper Tea with Owl.”

― A.A. Milne, The House at Pooh Corner

  1. “There was a teapot, in which Mma Ramotswe — the only lady private detective in Botwana — brewed tea. And three mugs — one for herself, one for her secretary, and one for the client. What else does a detective agency really need?”

― Alexander McCall Smith, The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency

  1. “I take a few quick sips. “This is really good.” And I mean it. I have never tasted tea like this. It is smooth, pungent, and instantly addicting.

“This is from Grand Auntie,” my mother explains. “She told me ‘If I buy the cheap tea, then I am saying that my whole life has not been worth something better.’ A few years ago she bought it for herself. One hundred dollars a pound.”

“You’re kidding.” I take another sip. It tastes even better.”

― Amy Tan, The Kitchen God’s Wife

  1. “I can just imagine myself sitting down at the head of the table and pouring out the tea,” said Anne, shutting her eyes ecstatically. “And asking Diana if she takes sugar! I know she doesn’t but of course I’ll ask her just as if I didn’t know.”

― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

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