How to make Tea with CUSINIUM Glass Teapot Set

I remember a crisp autumn day in 2021, my first encounter with the CUSINIUM Glass Teapot Set. I was browsing through a quaint little tea shop in the heart of San Francisco. The teapot’s sleek design and clear glass immediately caught my eye. Little did I know that this would become my favorite tea-making tool.

Now, let’s dive into how to make tea with the CUSINIUM Glass Teapot Set. The process is straightforward, yet the outcome is nothing less than extraordinary.

How to make Tea with CUSINIUM Glass Teapot Set

Fill the Teapot: The first step, of course, is to fill your teapot with water. The CUSINIUM teapot set has an easy-to-use, ergonomic design. Its large opening makes pouring water a breeze.

1. Heat the Water

Now, place your teapot on the stove and turn the heat on. The beauty of the CUSINIUM set is its heat resistance. It evenly distributes heat, ensuring your water reaches the perfect temperature for brewing.

2. Add Tea Leaves

Once your water is heated, it’s time to add the tea leaves. CUSINIUM comes with a stainless steel infuser that fits right into the teapot. It’s perfect for any loose-leaf tea or blend.

And the glass lets you watch as the leaves slowly unfurl and infuse the water with color and flavor.

3. Steep

Allow your tea to be steep. The steeping time depends on the type of tea. For black tea, I usually steep for 3-5 minutes, for green tea, 2-3 minutes; and for white tea, about 1-3 minutes.

4. Serve

Finally, the best part – serving and enjoying your tea! CUSINIUM’s glass design makes the brewing process more engaging and adds an aesthetic touch to your tea time.

In my years of experience, making and tasting tea is a ritual, a moment of tranquility in the hustle of life.

And the CUSINIUM Glass Teapot Set only enhances that experience. It has been a joy since the first time I used it in my San Francisco kitchen.

FACTS & TIPS with CUSINIUM Glass Teapot Set

Making tea is both an art and a science, and over the years, I’ve gathered some invaluable tips that can elevate your tea-making experience with the CUSINIUM Glass Teapot Set.

Tip 1: Pre-warm Your Teapot: One often overlooked aspect of tea making is pre-warming your teapot. Simply swill a little hot water around the pot before you begin.

This ensures that when you add your heated water for brewing, it maintains the correct temperature for longer.

Tip 2: Choose the Right Temperature: Different teas require different water temperatures. For example, green tea needs cooler water than black or herbal tea. The CUSINIUM teapot’s clear glass design allows you to monitor the water temperature accurately, ensuring optimal brewing.

Tip 3: Measure Your Tea: Don’t just toss in a handful of tea leaves. Use about one teaspoon of tea leaves for every 8 ounces of water for the best flavor. The infuser with the CUSINIUM set makes measurement and steeping a breeze.

Tip 4: Don’t Over Steep: Oversleeping can lead to a bitter taste. As a rule of thumb, steep white and green teas for 1-3 minutes, oolong teas for 2-3 minutes, and black teas for 3-5 minutes. The CUSINIUM teapot lets you easily observe the color change indicating when your tea is ready.

Tip 5: Clean Your Teapot Properly: To maintain the quality of your brew, it’s important to clean your teapot after each use. The CUSINIUM teapot set is easy to clean because of its removable infuser and wide opening. Rinse it with warm water and mild soap, and it’s ready for your next tea adventure!

Remember, the joy of tea making comes not just from the taste but also from the process itself. With these tips and the CUSINIUM Glass Teapot Set, you’re on your way to becoming a master tea brewer.