Shanna Smith – Tea Drinks Blogger

“In the world of tea, as in life, the best things steep over time.” – Shanna Smith

Position: Tea Blogger and Podcaster
Specialty: Urban Farming, DIY Food Production and tea.

Shanna is a passionate advocate for home food production, having practised what she preaches by sustaining home-grown food for a year. With just 250 square feet, she and her husband championed growing and cooking with their home-grown fruits and vegetables. Shanna’s dedication extends to her blog and podcast, where she shares her seasoned advice on growing food and delectable tea and seasonal recipes.

Career Highlights

  1. Creator and voice behind the ” Grow Your Own Food ” and “Shanna Smith – Tea Podcast” podcast.
  2. Pioneering the gardening blog “Bee and Basil”.
  3. Own the course “Starting Seedlings at Home
  4. Admin, content creator at Spiritea Drinks.


Shanna’s journey in home food production is nothing short of inspiring. Starting each year from scratch, with seeds, her hands-on experience led to a year (2019) when she and her husband only consumed home-grown fruits and vegetables. This journey, steeped in patience and perseverance, inspired her to share her knowledge with the world.

Shanna Smith’s journey at Spiritea Drinks as a Content Creator is marked by her unique blend of expertise and passion for tea. Born on August 1, 1998, in Texas, Shanna’s path to tea connoisseurship was carved through comprehensive training. She delved into the world of tea with courses like the ITA Certified “Foundations of Chinese Tea” led by Shana Zhang and honed her skills with ITMA’s specialized courses in Tea Blending and Tea Sommelier.

Her personal connection to tea is evident in her favorite readings. Shanna cherishes the timeless wisdom in “The Book of Tea” by Okakura Kakuzō and is inspired by “The Story of Tea” and “The Tea Enthusiast’s Handbook” by Mary Lou Heiss and Robert J. Heiss. Another go-to for her is “Tea: History, Terroirs, Varieties” by Kevin Gascoyne and others, which deepens her understanding of tea’s rich heritage and diversity.

At Spiritea Drinks, Shanna brings a human touch to her content, interweaving her comprehensive knowledge with a genuine love for tea. Her insights are not just academic but are enlivened by her personal tea journey, offering a fresh and authentic perspective to the world of tea lovers.


“Success in gardening is not about having a mystical ‘green thumb’. It’s about gaining knowledge and understanding the needs of plants at every phase of their life.”