How to make Tea: Ignite Your senses with Me explosive recipes

Hello everyone! 

If you are looking for an excellent tea-brewing formula, this article is absolutely for you. I jotted all of the notes down after brewing and enjoying such a fragrant tea this morning. Below are detailed instructions to walk you through all steps to make tea. Let’s get started!

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How To Make Tea Step By Step

Following is the process of making tea, including four steps for you to consider. 

Choose Your Favorite Tea Kind

Among many kinds of tea, my favorite is always green tea, thanks to its fresh and sweet fragrance, healing my soul and evoking my comfort.

how to make tea
Step1: Choose tea bag

There are thousands of tea varieties, which fall into five categories: White, Green, Oolong, Black, and Dark (with pu-erh originating from China’s Yunnan Province being the most dominant). 

The big difference between them lies in the oxidation degree of their tea leaves when in contact with the air. Generally, the longer this process is, the darker the tea might show.

Besides, many people also favor the taste of chamomile and rooibos teas. Those aren’t technically teas but herbal infusions or tisanes. However, they’re brewed the same way as tea-making, so keep reading! 

Suppose you have drunk tea for the first time and don’t know which one is suited to your taste. My advice is to try every kind of tea. You will find out your true love in the end.  

Measure Your Tea And Prepare Hot Water To Brew Tea

Once you’ve chosen your tea, measure it out.

how long to steep tea
Step2: boil water

The tea-to-water ratio depends on personal preference. Some are into stronger teas, while others love the light ones. But a good starting point is one teaspoon per cup of water. In other words, a teapot that contains about four cups of water may need four teaspoons of tea.

A tea bag is equal to only one teaspoon, so you should use one for a single tea serving or more if you’re making a pot.

So how to boil tea?

Make sure your water is heated to the right temperature. If the water is too hot, it can ruin the tea’s original flavor, resulting in a quite unpleasant experience. But if it’s too cool, your tea won’t steep properly.

Each type of tea requires different water temperatures. Heating the water based on what kind of tea you are making is pivotal. Here’s a quick guide to help you out:

The water must boil at 212°F for dark (pu-erh) teas and herbal infusions (tisanes).

Pour water over your tea leaves after heating it to 200°F and letting it sit for 30 to 60 seconds if you’re making black tea.

Boil the water for green, white, and oolong teas between 158°F and 185°F, then wait a minute or two before adding it to your teacup.

If you want to enjoy some particularly delicate and good teas, like a subtle white or green tea, you even have to wait longer for the water to cool down. Aim for water temperature at only 140°F.

After choosing my favorite tea, I tried a few more brewing formulas with different temperatures to figure out the best one. 

Pouring The Water And Steeping The Tea (3-7 Mins)

The steeping time also depends on you and your tea type. In general, herbal infusions need a steeping time of around 5 to 7 minutes, while white teas only need a couple of minutes. For all other types of tea (black, green, oolong, and dark), 3 minutes can do the trick.

brewing tea
Step 3: Pour hot water

If you are a newcomer, try the 3-minute formula. Then, take a sip, and if the taste is not strong enough for you, feel free to keep steeping! But be careful not to leave it for too long, or else it might start to get bitter and tannic.

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Let Your Tea Cool Slightly Before Enjoying 

Sipping helps you enjoy the tea to the fullest, unlike taking a big gulp right away. Allowing your tea to cool down a bit before taking the first sip will also bring out more nuanced and delicate flavors. 

brew tea

Plus, it’ll save you from burning your tongue and mouth. So, please wait for your tea to cool, and take a moment to savor its wonderful aroma and taste. 

If you like, a touch of milk will spice up your beverage.


How Long To Steep Tea?

I recommend steeping your tea for 3 to 5 minutes for the best taste. Patience is the key, as the proper steeping time prevents the tea from being spoiled, bringing out a comfortable experience for you. Sit back, relax, and let your tea steep to perfection. You won’t regret taking the extra time to savor every sip!

How Long To Steep Tea
How Long To Steep Tea

The steeping time is crucial when it comes to brewing tea. If you steep your tea for too long, you may end up with a strong and bitter taste. On the contrary, its taste is quite flavorless due to a lack of time.  

But don’t worry; there are some easy-to-follow instructions, telling you exactly how long it takes to steep each kind of tea. Here are my recommendations that you should pay close attention to: 

Tea-steeping time for each variant: 

Tea Variant Steeping Time
Black tea 3 to 5 minutes
Green tea 1 to 2 minutes
White tea 2 to 3 minutes
Oolong tea 2 to 3 minutes
Pu-erh tea 5 minutes
Purple tea 3 minutes
Herbal tea 5+ minutes
Rooibos tea 5+ minutes

3. Some Must-know Tips For Tea Preparation

  • To ensure the best taste, it’s important to store your tea properly. The ideal storage method is placing it in an airtight container at a steady temperature to keep the tea away from light, moisture, and other strong smells. Once the tea leaves are exposed to the air, the oxidation process is fastened, causing flavor loss. It’s also a good idea to keep the bulk of teas in a larger container and use a smaller one daily to minimize the occupied room.
  • After heating the water, pour it directly over the tea leaves and use about one teaspoon of tea per cup. For green and oolong teas, heat the water until it begins to bubble. For black tea, let the water boil at 200°F. 
  • You  can use an infuser to steep the tea and leave it for about 3-4 minutes for green tea and 4-5 minutes for oolong and black tea. Don’t overpack the infuser, as the leaves need room to unfurl.

I’m confident you’ll have an aromatic cup of tea with a good mouth feel if you follow my guideline- the best way to make tea. Please share it with your friends and family if you find it helpful and interesting. Thank you for reading this article, and I feel grateful for your support! – Spiritea Drinks

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