what is green tea

What is Green Tea? Uses, Processing, Sipping, Brewing Tips

Green tea – it’s considered a “true tea” because it’s made from the leaves of the tea plant. You can find it being grown in China and Japan, where it’s hugely popular. Recently, it’s become famous worldwide for its possible health benefits. There are various kinds of Green Tea, like dragon well, gunpowder, matcha, and …

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How to make Tea with CUSINIUM Glass Teapot Set

I remember a crisp autumn day in 2021, my first encounter with the CUSINIUM Glass Teapot Set. I was browsing through a quaint little tea shop in the heart of San Francisco. The teapot’s sleek design and clear glass immediately caught my eye. Little did I know that this would become my favorite tea-making tool. …

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7 Main Jasmine Silver Needle Tea Benefits You Should Know

Welcome, tea enthusiasts! Today, we explore the world of Jasmine Silver Needle Tea, also known as Moli Yinzhen, a luxurious fusion of white tea and jasmine blossoms. This post will guide you through this exquisite tea’s history, unique characteristics, preparation, and health benefits. You’ll also learn where to find the best Moli Yinzhen and how …

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make green tea

How to make Green Tea at Home: Sip Your way to Success

If you’re wondering how to make Green tea at home, you’re in luck – it’s a simple process that can yield a delicious and satisfying brew.  However, have you ever wondered what it tastes like? If you want to learn how to prepare a tasty cup of green tea, I can assist you! Follow these …

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does black tea have caffeine

Does Black Tea have Caffeine? Exploring the Caffeine Connection

Have you ever wondered, ‘Does Black tea have caffeine?’ Well, you’re certainly not alone in pondering that question.  As someone who’s spent years studying and understanding the nuances of tea, I can attest that there’s a lot more to your caffeine cup of Black Tea than meets the eye. From the serene tea gardens to …

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Afternoon tea party

Tea Time Delights: How to Throw an Unforgettable Afternoon Tea Party

Have you ever wondered about the beautiful British tradition that transforms your everyday tea into a festive social event? Yes, we’re talking about the quintessential Afternoon tea party. A delightful tradition that spans centuries, an afternoon tea party isn’t just about sipping Earl Grey and munching on scones – it’s an indulgent, relaxing affair that …

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High tea vs Afternoon tea

10 Facts High tea vs Afternoon tea: Comparison On Time and More

10 Facts High tea vs Afternoon tea Afternoon Tea, a tradition initiated by Duchess Anna of Bedford in the 1840s, evolved from a personal snack time to a social event. The 1880s saw a trend of ladies adorning long gowns, gloves, and hats for afternoon tea, signaling its status as a sophisticated occasion. While Afternoon …

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how long do tea lights burn

How long do Tea Lights Burn? Detailed Explanation

Have you ever wondered, “how long do tea lights burn?” I know it’s a question that has popped into many of our heads, especially when preparing for a long relaxing evening. In this guide, we’re about to uncover the mystery of tealight burn times, exploring everything from their burn duration to methods to prolong their …

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chicken salad tea sandwiches

Chicken Salad Tea Sandwiches Recipes: Ultimate Guide For A Yummy Dish

Howdy! I’m delighted to share my latest kitchen adventure, a delicious creation: Chicken salad tea Sandwiches! They’re perfect for a laid-back brunch, a sophisticated high tea, or light lunch. I love them, and I’m confident you will too. These sandwiches aren’t just delicious; they’re easy to make and versatile. Ready to dive in? Let’s get …

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can Cats drink tea

Can Cats Drink Tea? For your pet’s health, don’t ignore it

“Can Cats drink tea?” I pondered this question one quiet afternoon while sipping my favorite Darjeeling and my cat Whiskers curled up nearby. As a tea blogger, my house is always filled with various tea leaves, from the most calming herbal brews to the robust, energy-inducing black teas. But what if Whiskers got curious like …

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