5 Best Pu Erh Tea 2023: My Figure Out & Detailed Reviews

I’ve spent the last six months diving deep into the world of this unique brew. Trying various brands and types, I’ve been searching for the most exceptional pu erh teas that stand out in their taste, aroma, and overall experience.

From the ancient tree raw pu erh to the well-aged ripe ones, I’ve savored them all with a refined palate.

In this article, I’ll share my top 5 picks Best Pu Erh Tea that have left a lasting impression on me, and I am sure you’ll find them intriguing too.

1. Best Overall: Three Pagodas – Puerh Tea in Bamboo Leaf Quick view Check Price at Amazon
2. Jinglong Tea Factory – Puerh Tea No7 – Best pu erh tea for flavors Quick view Check Price at Amazon
3. Best aged pu-erh tea: Tealyra – Ripe Pu’erh Tea Quick view Check Price at Amazon
4. Best pu-erh tea for weight loss: Numi Organic Tea Aged Pu-erh Quick view Check Price at Amazon
5. Best pu erh tea brand: FGO Organic Pu’erh Tea Bags Quick view Check Price at Amazon

The Testing Criteria for pu erh tea

Here are the criteria I use when evaluating and choosing a tea. And also the criteria I classify the products in this article.

Origin of Tea Leaves: The birthplace of the tea leaves impacts the quality of the pu erh tea. Prime teas often originate from regions like Lincang, Xishuangbanna, Baoshan, and Pu’er in China​​.

Tea Tree Age: Older tea trees, especially those over 60 years, produce leaves rich in nutrients, yielding a more flavorful tea. I always consider the age of the tea tree based on how long to brew pu-erh tea​​.

Storage Conditions: Proper storage preserves the quality of the tea. Hot and humid conditions can impair the tea’s taste and aroma. I look for teas stored under ideal conditions to ensure a satisfying aftertaste​​.

Harvesting Time: The harvest season influences tea quality. Spring-harvested leaves, particularly those picked before China’s first rainfall, are highly valued. I prefer teas harvested in the spring​1​.

Pu Erh Tea Grades: The ten grades of Pu Erh tea indicate the tea’s quality. Higher grades often signal superior quality, but I also check if different grades have been mixed, as it can alter the tea’s taste and aroma​​.

Taste and Aroma: The ultimate test lies in the tea’s taste and aroma. High-quality Pu Erh tea has a sweet, earthy smell and no strong, unpleasant odors. The experience of drinking the tea is as vital as the tea itself​.

These are the personal criteria I’ve developed over the years, ever since my college days when I first started drinking tea. They provide a comprehensive way to evaluate the quality of pu erh teas. Now, let’s dive into my list of the best pu erh teas I’ve tried in the past year.

Best pu erh tea online

Best Overall: Three Pagodas – Puerh Tea in Bamboo Leaf

Best pu erh tea Overall

I Like:

  • Natural leaf origin
  • Strong, unique flavor
  • Multi-steep capable
  • Woodsy aroma
  • Affordable price

I Don’t Like:

  • Flavor weakens after 2nd steep
  • Mold on bamboo cover

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“Three Pagodas – Puerh Tea in Bamboo Leaf Tube.” Straight from the esteemed tea plantations of Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province, China, this tea brings an authentic Puerh experience to your cup. As intriguing as its birthplace, this tea is packed in mini cakes encased in a natural bamboo leaf tube, speaking volumes about its ecological packaging.

The unique character of this tea lies in the leaves of the Camellia sinensis var. assamica plant. tea’stea, distinctively strong yet enjoyable, takes your taste buds on a roller coaster ride. The earthy taste, coupled with a semi-sweet finish, left me impressed. Remember, the tea color – a dense, dark shore to pique any tea lover’s interest.

As a multi-steep tea, it’s perfect for those extended tea sessions. I particularly enjoyed the vibrant, woodsy aroma that filled the room with every step. And the best part? I well-predicted, making it an affordable luxury for tea lovers like me.

However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. The flavor weakens significantly after the second, which might appeal to only some. Also, the outer bamboo cover of the product appeared to have mold, a potential deal-breaker for those who like to store their tea for future use.

Jinglong Tea Factory – Puerh Tea No7 – Best pu erh tea for flavors

Best pu erh tea for flavors

What I Like:

  • Fresh, well-preserved tea leaves
  • Neat and creative packaging
  • Multiple infusions possible
  • Perfect for Pu-erh beginners
  • Comes with a matching gift bag

What I Don’t Like:

  • Mild flavor might not appeal to seasoned Pu-erh drinkers

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I recently found myself drawn to the Jinglong Tea Factory’s Puerh Tea No7. Sourced from the tea plantations of Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province, China, this tea promised a journey of flavor that piqued my curiosity.

When my No7 Puerh Raw tea arrived from Jinglong, I was thrilled. This being my third purchase from the company, their teas always impress. The freshness of the tea is a standout feature, a testament to the careful packaging and storage that the company upholds. Unlike several loose teas I’ve tried, these don’t oxidize quickly or get all dried out, and they’re free from any added chemicals.

The beauty of Jinglong Puerh Tea No7 lies not only in its taste but also in its presentation. The packaging is neat, creative, and aesthetically pleasing. It’s a tea that can be steeped multiple times, each brew bringing forth its unique flavor profile. I could get about four infusions per tablespoon as a strong tea lover. For those who prefer a lighter brew, you could easily double that.

The mild flavor of this tea makes it a perfect introduction for those new to Pu-erh. It comes in a lovely gift bag that matches the tea cake packaging, adding another layer of charm to the product.

Best aged pu-erh tea: Tealyra – Ripe Pu’erh Tea

Best aged pu-erh tea

What I Like:

  • Versatile, travel-friendly tea
  • Reusable leaves maintaining flavor
  • Unique, mushroom-like taste
  • Well-balanced brew
  • Long aging process enhancing flavor

What I Don’t Like:

  • Age claim seemed questionable
  • Shipping took longer than expected

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Stepping into the world of tea is always an adventure, and my latest venture led me to the Tealyra – Ripe Pu’erh Tea. This intriguing tea promised a rich, unique flavor profile that was quite tempting for a tea enthusiast like myself.

The first thing that struck me about the Tealyra – Ripe Pu’erh Tea was its versatility. This tea was a trusted travel companion, offering a smooth, beautiful brew even in countries known for their tea cultures, like India and Asia. The leaves were potent enough to be reused up to five times without losing flavor – a great way to extend the tea’s value.

The flavor of this tea was a fascinating journey in itself. It had a distinct, almost mushroom-like taste that was surprisingly appealing. While some might prefer mixing it with other teas, I found it delightful, sweetened with just a touch of honey.

Despite the claim of a 20-year age, this tea tasted similar to a 1-year-old Pu-erh I’ve tried before. However, its taste remained the same. It was a well-balanced and enjoyable brew, not overly funky and pleasing to the palate.

What truly impressed me was that this tea was aged for 15 years following 5 years of green drying and fermentation. This process milled down the typical earthy and musty flavors often associated with Pu’erh, making it more flavorful and leaving a slightly sweet aftertaste.

Tealyra – Ripe Pu’erh Tea was largely positive. Despite some minor issues, the taste and versatility of this tea shone through, making it a worthy addition to my tea collection. With its unique flavor and long aging process, this is a tea I’d recommend to any fellow tea lovers. Here’s to more delightful tea discoveries!

Best pu-erh tea for weight loss: Numi Organic Tea Aged Pu-erh

Best pu-erh tea for weight loss

What I Like:

  • Unique 60-day fermentation process
  • Bold, earthy flavor with malt undertones
  • Fresh, fragrant tea leaves
  • Clear brewing instructions
  • High-quality ingredients

What I Don’t Like:

  • May need a super fine filter to avoid particles

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My journey into the world of fine teas took an interesting turn when I came across Numi Organic Tea Aged Pu-erh. Unlike any I’ve tasted before, this tea stands out for its flavor and unique production process.

Unwrapping the Numi’s Aged Pu∙erh Tea Brick, I was met with a compressed bar of loose pu∙erh tea leaves, a testament to the traditional way pu∙erh tea is prepared. The tea undergoes a distinct 60-day fermentation process, as opposed to the typical 8-hour oxidation of regular teas. This process, akin to the aging of fine wine, imparts a bold, earthy flavor with delightful malt undertones.

What struck me most about this tea was its freshness. Whether in the bag or loose, the tea leaves exude a fresh, fragrant, and beautiful aroma that makes the tea-drinking experience all the more enjoyable. The brewing instructions were clear and easy to follow, resulting in a brew with exquisite taste and visually appealing color.

The tea truly shines in its flavor profile. The aroma, the taste, and the whole spices combine to create a remarkable blend. There’s no compromise on the quality of the ingredients used. However, a word of caution – a super fine tea strainer might be needed if you prefer your tea without little particles at the bottom of the cup.

In conclusion, my experience with Numi Organic Tea Aged Pu-erh has been positive. The tea’s rich flavor, freshness, and unique fermentation process make it a standout choice for tea lovers. Despite the minor inconvenience of needing a super fine strainer, the overall quality of this tea makes it a product I would highly recommend. Here’s to many more flavorful brews!

Best pu erh tea brand: FGO Organic Pu’erh Tea Bags

best place to buy pu-erh tea

What I Like:

  • Certified USDA Organic
  • Full-bodied, sweet flavor
  • No need for sweeteners
  • Organic tea bags, free of microplastics
  • Helps with relaxation and sleep

What I Don’t Like:

  • Tea bags can tear easily during brewing

Check Price at Amazon

There’s nothing like a good cup of tea to unwind, is there? One month ago, a friend introduced me to FGO Organic Pu’erh Tea Bags at an afternoon tea gathering, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I was intrigued by this new product that profiltert a great taste and a range of health benefits.

The moment I opened the resealable natural kraft bag, I was immediately struck by the pure, raw essence of the Organic Pu’erh Tea (Camellia sinensis). The USDA Organic seal, backed by the reputed California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), immediately gave me confidence in the quality of the product.

So, what does pu erh tea taste like? Taking my first sip, the unique taste of this full-bodied tea was a welcome departure from the weak flavors of many chamomile teas I’ve tried in the past. The golden yellow color of the steeped tea, coupled with its pleasant aroma, made for a truly enjoyable drinking experience.

Interestingly, the tea’s natural sweet flavor struck a chord with me. It was the kind of tea I could drink without adding sweeteners – a rare find in today’s market. This tea’s pretty red hue and sweet, tangy taste created a delightful balance that had me reaching for another cup.

However, my experience wasn’t without a slight hiccup. The tea bags were a bit delicate and prone to tearing during brewing. After preparing about a dozen cups, I found that around eight bags had ripped open. A minor issue, but something to be careful about when brewing this tea.

Health-wise, I was pleased to learn that the tea bags are organic and free of microplastics, unlike many mainstream brands. It’s a refreshing change to find a brand prioritizing both health and taste.

In conclusion

The best pu erh tea online is a matter of personal preference. From the rich and earthy flavors of FGO Organic Pu’erh Tea Bags to the versatile taste of Tealyra – Ripe Pu’erh Tea, and the freshness of Jinglong Tea Factory – Puerh Tea No7, there are options to suit every palate. Whether you prefer strong and funky or mild and earthy, there’s a pu-erh tea. Embark on your tea adventure and discover the perfect pu-erh tea to delight your taste buds.

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How do I choose the best pu erh tea?

Choosing a good Puer tea involves a few critical factors. Firstly, look for teas from reputable suppliers, as they ensure quality and authenticity. Secondly, consider the age of the tea; well-aged Puer teas are often more valuable and offer a deeper, richer flavor. Lastly, the taste should be smooth and complex, with no off or overly earthy flavors.

Why is Puerh so expensive?

Puerh tea is considered expensive due to its unique production and aging process. Unlike other teas, Puerh undergoes a fermentation process that can last for years, even decades. This aging process enhances its flavor profile, making it more complex and desirable.

Can you drink puer tea every day?

Yes, Puer tea can be consumed daily. It’s known for the pu erh tea health benefits, including aiding digestion and weight loss, and pu-erh tea caffeine content is generally lower than other teas. However, like any beverage, it should be enjoyed in moderation. Consult a healthcare provider if you have specific health concerns or are caffeine-sensitive.

What is the difference between aged and raw Puerh?

The main difference between aged and raw Puerh lies in their processing. Aged Puerh has undergone a slow, natural fermentation process over several years, deepening its flavor and color. On the other hand, Raw Puerh is not intentionally aged and maintains a greener, lighter color and a fresher, more vibrant taste.

Is the best pu erh tea heat or cooling?

Puer tea is generally considered ‘cooling’ according to traditional Chinese medicine. It’s known for its ability to help balance the body’s heat, especially beneficial during warm weather or for those with a ‘heaty’ constitution.

What are the two types of Puer?

Puer tea has two main types: Sheng (Raw) and Shu (Ripe). Raw Puer is the traditional form, which can be consumed immediately or aged to develop deeper flavors. Ripe Puer, introduced more recently, undergoes an accelerated fermentation process to mimic the taste of aged Raw Puer. Both types offer a unique taste experience and are valued for their distinct qualities.

What are the different forms of Puer tea?

Puer tea can be found in different forms, including loose-leaf and compressed shapes like cakes, bricks, touches (small dome-shaped cakes), and more. The shape does not significantly affect the quality of the tea, but it can influence how the tea ages and how easy it is to portion and brew.

Why is aged Puer tea more desirable?

Aged Puer tea is often more desirable because the aging process allows the tea to develop a deeper, more complex flavor profile. Over time, the tea undergoes natural fermentation and oxidation, which enhances its taste and aroma. However, the aging process must be properly managed to ensure the quality of the tea.