How to make Rooibos Tea at Home with Shanna Smith

If you’re a tea enthusiast looking to learn how to make Rooibos Tea, you’ve come to the right place! Rooibos tea is a unique herbal tea with a distinct flavor and numerous health benefits. However, brewing can be challenging, especially if you must familiarize yourself with the proper techniques. 

Whether you’re a seasoned tea drinker or just starting to explore the world of tea, you’ll find helpful tips and insights in this article.

But first, let’s start with the basics: what is the best Rooibos tea, and why should you try it?

Rooibos Tea Recipe

Enjoy a cup of rooibos tea. At the same time, you still have the chance, as it may become extinct. Due to its limited growing area and unsuccessful attempts to cultivate it elsewhere, the availability of rooibos is at risk. So, savor every sip of your rooibos tea recipe the next time you have one.

rooibos tea recipe
Best rooibos tea recipe

You can savor this exceptional herbal tea in several ways without compromising its flavor or Rooibos tea benefits. Here are a few ideas:

  • Regular Steeping tea – add hot water to your tea bag and let it steep for a few minutes.
  • Make a delicious rooibos latte by adding steamed milk and a touch of sweetener to your tea.
  • Try sun brewing your Rooibos tea caffeine by leaving the tea bag in cold water under direct sunlight for a few hours.
  • For a refreshing option, brew iced tea and let it cool down, then serve it over ice.
  • Another option is to prepare rooibos syrup, which can be used in many recipes and cocktails.
  • Finally, you can create red detox tea by blending your favorite ingredients with rooibos tea.

How to brew rooibos tea?

So, how to brew rooibos tea? How long does to steep rooibos tea? Here is the step-by-step on brewing the tea. Check it out now!

  1. Use filtered water to ensure the best Rooibos tea taste.
  2. Use loose-leaf tea instead of tea bags for a richer flavor.
  3. Heat the water to 212°F (100°C), which is crucial for proper steeping.
  4. Use a tea infuser, strainer, or tea bag to steep the tea.
  5. Add sugar and milk as desired to enhance the taste.
  6. Lastly, enjoy your cup of tea immediately after brewing to savor its fresh flavor.

Ultimate Guide On How Long To Steep Rooibos Tea

For the best flavor, you should steep your chose Rooibos tea blend for 5-7 minutes. The heat and time will allow the tea to develop its taste profile fully.

How to make rooibos tea step by step
How to make rooibos tea step by step


  • 1 cup water + more to warm teapot
  • 1 ½ teaspoons rooibos tea or one tea sachet/bag


  1. Boil water for your tea using an electric kettle with temperature settings. To ensure you have enough hot water to warm up the teapot, boil more than needed.
  2. Warm up the teapot by swirling hot water around a bit. Then, pour out the water and discard it.
  3. Put the rooibos tea into the teapot and add hot water to it.
  4. Cover the teapot and let the tea steep for a few minutes.
  5. Strain out the rooibos solids and pour the hot tea into a teacup.

Re-strain your tea using a fine mesh strainer if you want it to have less rooibos solids. Pulling it twice is a good idea since some rooibos fragments may still get to bypass the filter.

How to make rooibos tea with milk?

How to brew rooibos tea with milk
How to brew rooibos tea with milk

To make a delicious cup of tea:

  1. Add 1 teaspoon of tea leaves per 8 ounces (1 cup) of water.
  2. Pour boiling water into your teapot or teacup and let it steep for 5 minutes.
  3. Add some milk and sugar or honey to your liking.

Note: I suggest putting more tea leaves for the brew because milk will be added.

Guide For Rooibos Iced Tea Brewing

brewing rooibos tea

  1. To prepare iced tea, use twice the tea leaves suggested in the regular Herbal tea brewing directions.
  2. Firstly, follow the standard brewing instructions for rooibos tea.
  3. If you wish to add sugar or honey, put them in a separate teapot. Next, pour the hot tea into the teapot and stir.
  4. Allow the tea to cool down for a few minutes before sipping.

Note: In general, the amount of ice put into the tea should be the same as the amount of water that was used to brew the tea.

How To Make A Better Rooibos Tea?

If you want to enhance the taste of your rooibos tea, here are a few tips:

  • Add natural sweeteners: Although rooibos tea is naturally sweet, adding a small number of natural sweeteners like honey, agave nectar, or stevia can enhance the flavor.
  • Try different blends: Rooibos tea blends well with herbs and flavors like ginger, vanilla, or fruit. Experiment with different combinations to find the one that suits your taste buds.
  • Add a splash of milk: A splash of milk, soy, or almond milk can give your rooibos tea a creamy and smooth taste.
  • Add a squeeze of citrus: A squeeze of lemon, lime, or orange can give your rooibos tea a tangy and refreshing taste.
  • Experiment with rooibos tea temperature and steeping time: To make rooibos teas, it’s best to use boiling water at approximately 212 degrees, just like herbal teas. Steeping your rooibos tea longer or using hotter water can intensify the flavor. Conversely, steeping your tea for a shorter time or using cooler water can make it milder.

What is the method for preparing rooibos red tea to aid in weight loss?

Rooibos red tea, also known as red bush tea, is a naturally caffeine-free tea rich in antioxidants and associated with several health benefits, including potential weight loss. Here are a few ways to make rooibos red tea that may help with weight loss:

  • Basic Rooibos Tea: Boil water and steep 1-2 teaspoons of rooibos tea for 5-10 minutes. You can enjoy it hot or iced.
  • Rooibos with Lemon: Brew a cup of rooibos tea and squeeze fresh lemon juice. Lemon can help boost metabolism and promote weight loss.
  • Rooibos with Cinnamon: Boil water and steep 1-2 teaspoons of rooibos tea and 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon. Cinnamon has been shown to regulate blood sugar levels, which can aid in weight loss.
  • Rooibos with Ginger: Brew a cup of rooibos tea and add 1/2 teaspoon of freshly grated ginger. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and can help boost metabolism.

Note that rooibos tea should be consumed as part of a balanced diet and regular physical activity to achieve and maintain weight loss. Drinking rooibos tea alone will not cause significant weight loss.

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Is it safe for a breastfeeding mother to consume rooibos tea while nursing?

Yes! There is very little a breastfeeding mum can’t eat or drink. She can have coffee, tea, rooibos, wine, beer, sushi, cabbage, sodas, and just about anything she fancies. She can also wear makeup, dye her hair, run, waterskiing, take medications, and have medical treatment.

How much rooibos tea should be used per cup?

Making a single serving mug of rooibos tea is simple – scoop 1.5 teaspoons of tea for every 8 ounces of water. But if you’re brewing a pot to share, you’ll need to adjust the amount of tea so that everyone can taste the full flavor of this fantastic tea.