What alcohol is in Twisted Tea? Detailed Explanation & Guides

What alcohol is in Twisted Tea? Here are some fun facts about twisted tea you should pay attention to.

  • Twisted Tea was originally produced by the Boston Beer Company in 2000.
  • Although twist tea has many flavors, the first is a drink made from sweet tea with a lemon flavor.
  • According to research, a 12-ounce tea can contain less caffeine than a cup of coffee. According to the indicated content, twisted tea contains about 30 mg of caffeine, while a cup of coffee contains 100 mg of caffeine.
  • Twist tea contains ethanol, or ethanol, which is a malt alcoholic beverage similar to beer.
  • Malt alcohol is the alcohol we extract from malt (grain).

It’s no secret that Twisted Tea has been making quite a splash in the beverage market.

According to the data I’ve come across, Boston Beer Company, the creator of Twisted Tea, reported that this hard iced tea accounted for nearly 20% of their total sales in recent years. That’s a lot of people enjoying a twist in their tea!

This impressive figure speaks volumes about this unique brew’s popularity and widespread appeal.

But what makes Twisted Tea so irresistibly good? Well, it’s time we unravel the mystery and look closely at what’s inside that iconic can.

Does Twisted Tea have Alcohol?

Yes, Twisted Tea does contain alcohol. This tasty brew isn’t your ordinary cup of tea – it’s a hard iced tea, giving it an enjoyable twist that has become quite a crowd-pleaser.

twisted tea alcohol content
twisted tea alcohol content

How much alcohol is in twisted tea?

You can expect around 5% alcohol by volume (ABV) in most Twisted Tea products. So, it’s a drink to be enjoyed responsibly! We’ll get into the finer details of alcohol percentages in different Twisted Tea varieties later. But for now, rest assured that your Twisted Tea has a “twist” – a delightful, adult-only, alcoholic twist.

I noticed a lot of small questions like:

  • How Much Alc in Twisted Tea for a 120z can?
  • How Much twisted tea alcohol percentage 24 oz?

So to give a quick answer, I have compiled the following table:

Package Type Size (each unit) No. of Units Alcohol by Volume Total Alcohol Content
6 Pack 12oz Bottles 12 oz 6 5% ABV

36 oz

12 Pack 12oz Bottles

12 oz 12 5% ABV 72 oz
12 Pack 12oz Cans 12 oz 12 5% ABV

72 oz

18-pack 12oz Cans

12 oz 18 5% ABV 108 oz
Single 24oz Can 24 oz 1 5% ABV

24 oz

10L Bag in A Box

338.14 oz 1 5% ABV 338.14 oz
5L Bag in A Box 169.07 oz 1 5% ABV

169.07 oz

What Alcohol is in Twisted Tea?

So, what kind of alcohol is in twisted tea? Twisted tea smack contains alcohol, but what type of alcohol is in twisted tea? It’s whiskey! Twisted Tea’s delightful blend is a concoction of real brewed tea and a hearty dash of whiskey provided by my good friends at the Boston Beer Company.

What Alcohol is in Twisted Tea
What Alcohol is in Twisted Tea

But wait, there’s more! Twisted Tea Sweet Tea Whiskey, a unique drink, offers a delightful twist. With lemon undertones and a perfect blend of sweetness, it delivers a smooth, sweet, and exciting taste experience. Whether sipped on the rocks, as a shot, or incorporated into your preferred cocktail, this beverage stands out with a strong 32.5% alcohol content (ABV) or 65 proof.

Twisted Tea ingredients may vary according to taste, but a common twist tea recipe is as follows:

  • Malt alcohol (5% vol.)
  • Filtered water
  • Natural flavors (lemon, lime or orange)
  • High fructose corn syrup
  • Preservatives

Twisted Tea comes in various flavors, including raspberry, peach and mango. Ingredients may vary slightly for each flavor. So always read labels carefully to ensure you know what you’re drinking.

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What Shapes And Sizes Do Twisted Teas Come In?

Twisted Tea caters to all types of tea enthusiasts by offering a variety of sizes and packaging options to suit your preference. You can find alcohol content twisted tea in the following forms:

  • 6 Pack 12oz Bottles
  • 12 Pack 12oz Bottles
  • 12 Pack 12oz Cans
  • 18-pack 12oz Cans
  • Single 24oz Can
  • 10L Bag in A Box
  • 5L Bag in A Box

From the standard 12-ounce can, the most common choice for a casual sip, to larger 24-ounce bottles and pint-sized 16-ounce cans, Twisted Tea has got you covered. Interestingly, these larger options contain 4.5% ABV, a slightly lower alcohol in twisted tea percentage than the 5% ABV in the 12-ounce can.

So, if you’re planning on indulging in a Twisted Tea or two, these bigger sizes are a great option, letting you enjoy more without opening multiple cans.

Twisted Tea also continues twisting things with its “Bag in A Box” options! If you’re hosting a party or simply a fan of the original teisted tea, these bags can be a great choice.

What are the main twisted tea ingredients?

Tea Extract

This is the backbone of Twisted Tea, lending that familiar, comforting tea flavor we all know and love.


A handy ingredient that helps maintain the drink’s texture and adds a bit of body to each sip.

Citric Acid

This gives our Twisted Tea that kicks of tartness, balancing out the sweetness.

Natural Flavors

These are the secret sauce! Depending on the variant, these can range from the fruity punch in Raspberry, the traditional tang in the Original, to the refreshing zest in Half & Half, and more.

Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate

These two preservatives ensure your Twisted Tea stays fresh from the store shelf to your glass.

High Fructose Corn Syrup

This is the sweet counterpart to our tea extract, offering a delightful sweetness that’s a staple in flavors like Sweet Tea.

Caramel Color

This gives Twisted Tea its signature golden color, reminiscent of a perfect summer sunset.

Well, that’s courtesy of a hint of alcohol, turning Twisted Tea into the lively, refreshing hard iced tea we love today.

Do All Twisted Tea Styles Have Malt?

Yes, all styles of Twisted Tea do contain malt. In fact, malt is a critical ingredient that contributes to this hard iced tea’s unique taste and body.

I understand the word “malt” might have you thinking about malt liquor. But get the right idea. While malt liquor is a beer known for its high alcohol content, the malt in Twisted Tea isn’t there to boost the alcohol level. It’s malted barley, a common ingredient in many alcoholic beverages, that provides a touch of sweetness and helps balance the flavors in Twisted Tea.

How Much twisted tea alcohol calories

Each 12 fl. oz can of Twisted Tea contains 110 calories. Here’s a breakdown of other nutritional information:

  • Total Fat: 0g (0%)
  • Saturated Fat: 0g (0%)
  • Cholesterol: 0mg (0%)
  • Sodium: 8mg
  • Potassium: 271mg
  • Total Carbohydrates: 25.9g
  • Net Carbs: 25.9g
  • Dietary Fiber: 0g (0%)
  • Sugar: 23g
  • Protein: 0g
  • Vitamin C: 2.8mg
  • Calcium: 2.6mg
  • Iron: 0mg (0%)
  • Alcohol: 14g (4-5% ABV)

Can You Get Drunk On Twisted Tea?

Absolutely, Twisted Tea can definitely make you drunk. Just one Twisted Tea is like having 2 to 3 regular drinks, similar to most commercial beers in terms of alcohol content. If a couple of beers usually gets you tipsy, the same goes for a few Twisted Teas. Keep in mind that alcohol tolerance varies from person to person, so always drink responsibly.

Gluten And Caffeine Content In Twisted Tea

Those considering dietary restrictions will be pleased to know that Twisted Tea is gluten- and caffeine-free.

I know it’s surprising, given that it’s a tea-based beverage, but rest assured, you won’t be up all night from any hidden caffeine. And for those living with conditions like celiac disease or prefer a gluten-free diet, Twisted Tea can be an enjoyable addition to your beverage options.


What alcohol is in Lipton hard iced tea?

Lipton Hard Iced Tea, similar to Twisted Tea, is an alcoholic tea beverage. However, the alcohol content in twisted tea can vary depending on the variety.

What is in twisted tea half and half?

Twisted Tea Half & Half is a delightful blend of tea, lemon flavor, and alcohol. It shares the same alcohol content as the original Twisted Tea.

What alcohol is in twisted tea peach?

Twisted Tea Peach features the same type of alcohol as other Twisted Tea products. It’s a flavored malt beverage with a hint of natural peach flavor.

Is twisted tea a beer?

Twisted Tea is technically classified as a flavored malt beverage, putting it in the same category as beer. However, it tastes more like tea with alcohol.

Can Twisted Tea Help In Addiction Recovery?

It’s important to clarify that Twisted Tea, being an alcoholic beverage, is not suitable for use in addiction recovery. It contains alcohol, which should be avoided during recovery.

Can You Get Drunk Off Of 3 Twisted Teas?

With an alcohol content similar to many beers, consuming 3 Twisted Teas could lead to intoxication, depending on individual tolerance levels. Always drink responsibly.

Will 2 twisted teas get you drunk?

It depends on individual tolerance, but drinking 2 Twisted Teas could lead to tipsiness, considering that each contains about 5% ABV, similar to many beers.

Can 1 Twisted Tea get you drunk?

For most people, a single Twisted Tea, with its 5% ABV, won’t likely cause intoxication. However, alcohol affects everyone differently, so drinking responsibly is essential.

Will 10 percent alcohol get you drunk?

A beverage with 10% ABV is twice as strong as Twisted Tea or an average beer. Drinking such beverages could lead to quicker intoxication, depending on individual tolerance.

Is 5 alcohol a lot?

An alcoholic beverage with 5% ABV, like Twisted Tea or an average beer, is not considered strong compared to hard liquors. But alcohol affects everyone differently, so moderation is key.

Is Twisted Tea a vodka or beer?

Twisted Tea is neither vodka nor beer. It’s classified as a flavored malt beverage, similar to beer, but it’s brewed with tea and additional flavorings.

Is Twisted Tea a beer or wine cooler?

Twisted Tea isn’t a beer or a wine cooler. It’s a unique category known as a flavored malt beverage, offering the crispness of tea with a kick of alcohol.