Best Matcha powder 2023: Here are My top 10 picks

As a Matcha lover, I’ve always been hunting for the best Matcha powder to make my morning cup.

Welcome to my comprehensive guide to the 10 best Matcha powders of 2023. Together, we’ll explore the world of Matcha, revealing the top contenders that will whisk you away!

The Testing Criteria for Matcha Powder and Matcha Tea

When I embark on a Matcha testing journey, I look for a particular set of criteria to ensure I’m experiencing the full breadth of what each variety has to offer. I want to share this with you so you’ll know exactly how I’ve chosen the best Matcha powders of 2023.

Best Matcha brand

First, there’s the taste. I’m searching for that perfect balance of bitterness and sweetness, an unmistakable matcha harmony. Then, it’s onto the texture. A high-quality Matcha powder should whisk up into a frothy, smooth, not gritty beverage.

Color is another key factor. Top-tier Matcha has a vibrant, deep green color that’s a feast for the eyes. And let’s not forget about aroma—the smell should be fresh, grassy, and inviting.

I also consider the source of the Matcha. Is it a traditional Japanese Matcha or a new, innovative producer? The origin of the tea can have a big impact on its flavor profile and quality.

To give each Matcha a fair shot, I make sure to test it in a variety of settings. This includes sipping it quietly at home, sharing a pot with friends at an afternoon tea party, or even enjoying a cup at my office desk. I‘ve tasted Matcha at my parents’ house, savored it at hotels during business trips, and even tried it straight from the source at production sites.

This range of experiences allows me to evaluate how each Matcha fits into different aspects of daily life and how it enhances those moments. After all, a great cup of Matcha is more than just a beverage – it’s a way of life!

The 10 best Matcha powder 2023

These are the 10 products I like the most, ranked according to the criteria mentioned in the previous section.

Best Ceremonial Grade Matcha: Ito En Tea Oi Ocha Green Tea

Best ceremonial grade matcha

I Like:

  • Natural, earthy taste
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • No added sweeteners
  • Robust scent

I Don’t Like:

  • The bitter and astringent aspect might not appeal to everyone
  • Darker than most US teas, it can be surprising

As a regular tea drinker at work, I’ve found Ito En Tea Oi Ocha Green Tea one of my favorites. I first came across this unsweetened green tea while I was in Japan and was thrilled to find it available in the US.

For individuals who are unfamiliar with green tea and seeking a delicate yet energizing flavor, this tea is ideal because of its natural, earthy flavor that isn’t too overpowering.

Ito En’s Oi Ocha Green Tea stands out for its abundance in antioxidants, particularly catechins, which are recognized for their multiple health advantages.

I’ve come to adore this tea’s strong aroma. I love that this company offers a genuine product because I prefer real tea tastes without additional sugars.

It’s a bit darker than most teas in the US, which was a surprise at first, but it quickly won me over.

I’ve found that this tea tastes best when chilled in the freezer for an hour. It’s become the most refreshing drink aside from cold water at our office.

Given the great taste and reasonable price, I keep reordering it for myself and my daughter, who’s also grown fond of it.

BLUE TEA – Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder

Best Matcha

What I Liked:

  • Farm-to-cup freshness
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Supports a good cause

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Very fine powder
  • Strong vanilla flavor

I was excited to try the BLUE TEA – Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder, and I wasn’t disappointed. This herbal tea made it from the farm to my cup in just two weeks, preserving its freshness and aroma. The vibrant green tone of the good matcha powder was a sight to behold, and the taste was truly unique and delicious.

This tea has a high catechin concentration, which contributes to its strong antioxidant value, which is what I enjoy most about it. The fact that I was gaining a natural health boost with every sip made me feel good in addition to the fact that it tasted nice. It was a nice surprise that vanilla had been included; in addition to adding to the flavor, it also contained vital B vitamins, which are essential for keeping good skin.

However, the powder was a bit finer than I’m used to for matcha, which took some getting used to in terms of preparation. The taste of the vanilla can come off as strong, especially if you’re used to the more traditional matcha flavor.

Regardless, this product from BLUE TEA India is a high-quality tea representing a cause I believe in. I appreciate their commitment to uplifting farmers in India, increasing their income,, and promoting education for their children. Their contributions to the Akshaya Patra Foundation, which supports needy children, make every cup of this tea more satisfying.

Matcha Konomi Akira Organic Matcha

Best Matcha Green Tea powder

I Likes:

  • Authentic Japanese matcha
  • Certified organic
  • Pleasant, slightly sweet taste
  • Smooth blending, no clumping

I Don’t likes:

  • Texture was too gritty
  • Graininess affected overall enjoyment

In my quest to find the best matcha powder of 2023, I got my hands on the Matcha Konomi Akira Organic Ceremonial Matcha, a product hailed for authenticity and quality.

This best matcha tea comes directly from Uji, Kyoto, a region known for superior matcha production. The tea leaves are shade-grown for at least three weeks from the first harvest, indicating a high-grade product. It’s stone-ground, a traditional method that enhances the matcha’s flavor and texture.

This matcha is certified organic by the USDA and JAS, giving me confidence in its natural origins. It’s a ceremonial grade matcha, the highest quality available, and free from any fillers, sugar, and preservatives. Additionally, it’s radiation-free, an important consideration given the worries about radiation in Japan post-Fukushima.

One sip, and I could tell that this matcha tea powder was brimming with antioxidants, offering more than your average ‘super-food’. The taste was slightly sweet, and the freshness was evident in every cup. The caffeine in matcha provided a gentle buzz without any jitters that can come with coffee. Blending was a breeze with this matcha, and I didn’t experience clumping issues.

However, the texture did leave something to be desired. Despite being stone-ground, I found it to be a bit gritty, even after careful sifting and whisking with hot water. This graininess detracted from the overall enjoyment of the tea.

Best matcha green tea powder: Unicity Premium Matcha Green Tea

What I Like:

  • Instant, long-lasting energy boost
  • Enhances mood and concentration
  • Aids in weight loss journey

What I don’t like:

  • Only 10 sachets per pack
  • May taste strong for some

Having experienced the Unicity Premium Matcha Green Tea, I can confidently say it’s more than a tea. Imported straight from Japan, it comes in handy sachets that make it easy to prepare and enjoy on the go. Each sip is a burst of energy that lasts, keeping me supercharged for all my daily activities. The fact that it’s not only invigorating but also rich in antioxidants makes it a definite must-have in my pantry.

I adore how these top matcha teas improve my mood and assist in my ability to concentrate. It’s the ideal partner for my workdays and exercises because it has the capacity to boost physical endurance and vitality. It’s important to note that this product really impacted my efforts to manage my weight, and I’m eager to observe its long-term consequences.

Best matcha latte powder: Encha Latte Grade Pure Organic Matcha

Best matcha powder Encha

I Liked:

  • Organic and high-quality matcha
  • Rich, creamy, and slightly sweet
  • Energy and focus boost

I Didn’t Like:

  • Initial bitterness
  • Tendency to clump and lack of froth

While searching for the best matcha powder of 2023, I enjoyed trying the Encha Latte Grade Pure Organic Matcha. This premium matcha is ground from tender tea leaves hand-picked every spring from their farm in the Uji mountains of Kyoto, Japan. It’s completely organic, a fact that only adds to its appeal.

One of the standout qualities of Encha’s matcha is its rich, creamy, and slightly sweet flavor profile. When whisked into the water, it has a velvety consistency that embodies a great matcha experience. It offered a balanced palate with an earthy sweetness that was simply delightful.

This matcha is designed to make a perfect latte. The brewing instructions recommend using a matcha slim or an electronic milk frother to dissolve the high-quality matcha into the water, then topping it with frothed milk and your choice of sweetener. This process led to a creamy matcha latte that was a joy to sip on.

I noticed the boost in energy and focused I experienced after drinking it. It was a clean, consistent energy without the crash that often accompanies coffee. I appreciated this aspect, as it made this matcha a great choice for starting the day or for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

However, I did encounter a couple of issues. The matcha had a noticeable bitterness at the start that took a bit to mellow out. It also didn’t froth like other options and tended to clump, even after careful sifting and whisking.

Despite these few cons, the Encha Latte Grade Pure Organic Matcha is a solid choice for matcha enthusiasts, particularly those who enjoy making matcha lattes. Its energy-boosting properties and delightful flavor profile make it a matcha worth considering. However, for those organic matcha powders with a keen sense for flavor profiles and a preference for smooth, frothy matcha, there might be better fits.

Best matcha brands: Chamberlain Coffee Matcha Green Tea Powder

What I Like:

  • High-quality Ceremonial Grade A matcha
  • Versatile and tastes great on its own or mixed
  • Organic, vegan, gluten-free

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Small packaging size
  • Higher cost

I’ve tried the Chamberlain Coffee Matcha Green Tea Powder as part of my matcha-tasting journey. I was intrigued by this one, as it’s marketed as a great alternative to coffee.

This matcha powder is Ceremonial Grade A made from 100% Japanese green tea. It’s organic, vegan, gluten-free, and filled with antioxidants, which I found impressive. The quality seems to live up to the “A plus” claim.

I was pleasantly surprised by the taste. It had a unique combination of sweetness and umami, underscored by a slight and pleasant bitterness. The finely milled powder was smooth and delicious, whether I enjoyed it or mixed it with cold brew coffee. This versatility makes it a great addition to my matcha collection.

Despite my surprise at the product’s small size given the cost, it goes a long way. I got around 12-14 servings out of it, making the price feel more justified. The matcha didn’t taste cheap or like it was made with fillers—it was genuinely good quality.

That being said, the size of the packaging did give me a bit of a pause—it’s small, about the size of my fist. So while the quality and flavor were impressive, the quantity might not be enough for avid matcha drinkers.

If you’re looking for a high-quality matcha powder and are okay with spending a bit more, the Chamberlain Coffee Matcha Green Tea Powder is an excellent choice. It’s versatile, tastes great, and offers health benefits as a bonus. The size is a drawback, but the quality and flavor make up for it.

Best matcha powder for latte: Jade Leaf Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

What I Like:

  • 100% USDA-certified organic
  • Versatile culinary-grade matcha
  • Convenient, pre-measured packets

What I Don’t Like:

  • Could be expensive for some, but worth the price for quality

Jade Leaf Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder brings the authentic Japanese tea experience to your cup. Grown in the new tea fields of Uji and Kagoshima, this matcha is 100% USDA-certified organic, grown without pesticides or harmful fertilizers. You get pure, shade-grown green tea leaves in your sweetest matcha powder.

This matcha’s cultivation is as astounding as its flavor and quality. Since it is matcha of the culinary variety, it may be used for regular tea and to enhance the flavor and nutritional value of lattes, smoothies, and baked goods. It is a potent antioxidant superfood that is also a great source of natural energy and mental clarity.

The packaging of Jade Leaf Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder also deserves mention. It comes in small, convenient packets that are perfect for on-the-go use. There’s no need to measure the matcha powder each time, which is a blessing for those who are always on the move or want to enjoy matcha without the hassle of measuring and mixing.

Based on my experience using this product, I’ve found the Jade Leaf matcha to be an excellent addition to my daily routine. The pre-measured packets are a lifesaver on busy mornings when I rush out the door but still want my matcha fix.

It delivers a great health boost when added to a smoothie, and it makes me feel good to know that I’m eating wholesome food that also tastes good.

One thing to note is that quality often comes with a price. While the cost might be a bit higher than other brands, the superb taste and quality make it well worth it. Plus, the price seems even more reasonable when I think about the money I’m saving by making my matcha lattes at home instead of buying them at a café.

Best affordable matcha: Breakaway Matcha Coldbrew Original Matcha

Best Ceremonial Grade Matcha

What I like:

  • Exceptional taste, less bitter than other brands.
  • Bright green color, indicating its freshness.
  • Enjoyable, both hot and cold.
  • Free shipping and subscription rates on Amazon.

What I don’t like:

  • The packaging leads to a waste of powder.
  • It’s more expensive than other brands.

My love affair with Breakaway Matcha began during a trip to Japan, where I first tried iced matcha. I was instantly hooked but had trouble finding a comparable product back home. Fortunately, I stumbled upon Breakaway Matcha at the Santa Cruz Japanese Fair. The delicious taste blew me away, and I’ve been ordering it ever since, especially since discovering the free shipping and subscription rates on Amazon.

Breakaway Matcha stands out compared to other ceremonial grade matcha I’ve tried. It’s a brighter green color, signaling its freshness, and the taste is superior – less bitter. I enjoy it without sugar when served hot, which is impossible with the other brands due to their inherent bitterness. Even when making a cold Matcha drink, I use less sugar than before. It’s a bit pricier, but you get what you pay for with Breakaway Matcha.

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. The packaging could use some improvement. The matcha powder comes in a foil bag inside the jar, and you’re supposed to transfer it from the bag to the jar. Given the bag’s design, I often waste some powder or make a mess. A simple solution would be to seal the jar directly.

Despite the packaging issue, the taste of Breakaway Matcha makes it worth the inconvenience or waste. It’s top-notch matcha that I highly recommend to any matcha lover. Trust me, once you try it, there’s no going back.

Best green tea matcha: DAVIDs TEA’s Ceremonial Matcha

What I Like:

  • Creamy, sweet, delicate matcha
  • Versatile, can be served hot or cold
  • Medium caffeine level

Last month, I tried DAVIDs TEA’s Ceremonial Matcha, and its quality took me aback. Straight from the renowned tea gardens in Nishio, Japan, this matcha left a lasting impression. This is an absolute delight for those who adore matcha as much as I do! The matcha is incredibly creamy, sweet, and delicate, which is exactly how I prefer it.

The fact that it’s made from the most tender leaves possible, harvested at the peak of their flavor, says a lot about the care that goes into this product. And it doesn’t stop there! Each leaf is meticulously stone-ground after removing even the tiniest veins. The outcome? Matcha is the bright emerald, smooth to drink, and truly deserving of being named ‘fit for an emperor’.

You can enjoy this matcha as a hot, iced, or latte. I love it as a hot tea in the morning and an iced latte on warmer afternoons. Its medium caffeine level is perfect for when you need a little boost but don’t want to feel jittery.

Ippodo Tea Ummon Matcha

What I Like:

  • Maintains freshness well
  • Vibrant emerald green color
  • Mixes and froths easily
  • Smooth, buttery flavor
  • Promotes well-being and focus

Being a matcha enthusiast, I had the opportunity to taste the Ippodo Tea Ummon Matcha a month ago, and it left quite an impression on me. With its roots tracing back to Kyoto since 1717, this brand has maintained its high quality over the centuries, making it the best matcha powder available on Amazon. The packaging is designed to keep the freshness intact, blocking out any air that could affect the quality. The matcha boasts a beautiful, deep emerald green color, a visual eye treat.

As for the preparation, it mixes and froths effortlessly. The taste? Simply divine. It’s silky smooth, without the slightest hint of bitterness or astringency. It exudes a buttery flavor that lingers delightfully on the palate.

But that’s not all. Drinking this matcha provides a distinctive sense of well-being, a zen-like calmness that complements an energy boost similar to coffee but with an added benefit: it keeps you focused on the tasks. It’s worth noting that I’ve tried their higher-grade brands like Kuan and Kanza, but for the price, Ummon is the real winner.

Ippodo Tea Ummon Matcha is a premium matcha that is deserving of your consideration, especially if you enjoy the more refined qualities of this age-old Japanese beverage. Just keep in mind that drinking matcha is where its genuine beauty can be found, so I hope you love it as much as I did.

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The bottom line

In the quest for the best matcha powder, I’ve tasted and tested numerous brands, and I hope my insights help you find your perfect matcha. Remember, the “best” is subjective and depends on your taste and needs. Feel free to try different ones until you find the one that suits you the best. If you found this guide helpful, I’d appreciate it if you shared it with other matcha enthusiasts. Let’s spread the love for this amazing green tea!

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What is Matcha powder?

Matcha powder is one of the common types of matcha that’s traditionally used in Japanese tea ceremonies. It’s made by grinding whole tea leaves into a fine powder.

What should I look for when buying Matcha powder online?

When buying Matcha powder online, check for the product’s origin (preferably Japan), whether it’s ceremonial or culinary grade, and it’s color (should be vibrant green), and read customer reviews for quality insights.